Question of the week 2: What has been your best productivity hack?

Welcome to our second blog about what happens on the inside of Perpetual Guardian’s 4-day working week trial!

Last week we heard how our people spend or intend to spend their extra days off. Hearing from within the organisation has inspired us to continue improving how we ‘attack’ work. So far, the trial has offered great insight into creative approaches different teams have for their productivity. While there have been some challenges within the business, we are excited about the positive impact the trial has had on teams so far.

“The six week trial has been partly an experiment in finding out how we can raise collective productivity and we’ve seen teams and individuals approaching this in different ways,” says Christine Brotherton, Head of People and Capability. 

“As part of our planning for the trial, we’ve seen employees gain a deeper understanding of our internal governance processes, such as authorising payments or approving activity. This has re-emphasised the need to carefully manage 'key person risk', and stressed how important it is to plan ahead.” 

“Many employees have been excellent champions of the ‘four day’ week, actively thinking about how they work and what they are doing, and looking to improve processes going forward. We hope that as the trial continues we will see all employees challenge existing processes with a holistic mind-set and take on the responsibility to develop new improved systems or processes.”

Here is what our people had to say about making productivity hacks work for them:

For Kent, taking away distractions has been the key to focus. His mobile stays tucked away in the bag and emails only get checked in pre-determined intervals. That way he isn’t distracted by reading each email as it comes in.

“Instead of multitasking, I focus on tackling each task efficiently, one at a time.”

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