Questions of the week 1: What did you do with your day off this week?

Welcome to the inside of Perpetual Guardian’s 4-day working week trial!

Over the next six weeks we will share insights into what working four days, but being paid for five, looks like. To do that, every week we will be asking our team a new question about some of the real-life implications of the trial.

Questions of the week 1: What did you do with your day off this week?

After completing the first week, we wanted to know how the team spent - or intended to spend - their time? We expected to hear about long sleep-ins, quality family-time and general life-administration activities. But what we really heard got us excited!









Vicky told us she’ll use the extra days off to focus on looking after herself.

“In the morning I’ll go to the gym and then in the afternoon enjoy the rest of summer and read a book at the beach.”

Adrian will finally get around to pursuing his passion for cooking and sort out family photos with his children. Emily on the other hand will use her days off for chores that can only be done during the week, like car services.

We have also heard from others within the business who will dedicate their extra hours to upskilling, or volunteering in the wider community. The range and diversity of replies within our first week has us motivated about what we are helping to initiate.

One of the reasons we are trialling this new way of working, after all, is to enable each and every one of us to be at our best – for us and the people around us.









The trial itself has been an eye opening experience for both current challenges and future opportunities.

We are carefully analysing each aspect of the trial in our research programme, and hope to learn from the experience as a whole. We are expecting many hurdles in the near future, but look forward to the information we will gleam from living the 4 Day Work Week trial.

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